Google and NVIDIA Announce Partnership to Install Android OS in Cars

Google and NVIDIA Announce Partnership to Install Android OS in Cars this year

On Monday, Google and computer chip maker NVIDIA declared a joint venture to install the Android operating system on cars in 2014. The first Android-equipped vehicles are promised to reach consumers later this year.

The Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) wishes to build Android a common platform for in-car infotainment with anemphasis on auto-specific interfaces and drumming into the huge developer base previous lydevoted to Android apps.Along with automakers from the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Korea, chip maker NVIDIA, which has a large footprint in the automotive space, has coupled together in the alliance.

As per the tech giant’s official statement, android will assist in improving the user experience of computer systems including the OnStar system on GM brands including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

These operating systems permit phone calls, text messaging and turn navigation. In-carentertainment and information systems are expected to gain widespread acceptance among consumers as laws limit the ability of people to use mobile devices at the time of driving.

Over 125 auto technology firms will be showing new products and innovative technology products at this year’s CES.

Google joins an already frenzied competition to innovate smart cars.Apple's Siri mobile networking system has been recently implemented on cars including those built by Honda. Cars built by Ford also provide the Sync mobile networking system designed by Microsoft.

The OAA has also been in touch with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Its aim is to make sure that the interface is ‘safer, more seamless and more intuitive for everyone’.

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