'God Particle' may Actually be Higgs Boson

'God Particle' may Actually be Higgs Boson

Almost two years after the elusive 'God Particle' was discovered, scientists say the current model of Big Bang cannot account for the existence of the universe.

The scientists had announced in 2012 in Europe that they were able to detect the Higgs boson and they also confirmed their findings last year. The Higgs boson is also known as "the God particle" and was widely thought as a key to understand the origins of the universe.

Researchers say that bosons decay into fermions, a group of particles that include leptons and quarks. This is exactly what the Standard Model of particle physics predicts the Higgs boson to do.

"This is an enormous breakthrough", said Markus Klute, an assistant professor of physics at MIT and leader of the international group of boffins. "Now we know that particles like electrons get their mass by coupling to the Higgs field, which is really exciting".

Preliminary studies pointed with some amount of certainty that the particle spotted by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012 had properties consistent with those that were predicted for the Higgs boson. Analyzing the data produced by CERN experiments has shown that just like the expected boson, the new particle has no spin and also rapidly decays by splitting into pairs of photons namely the W bosons or Z bosons.

Scientists also need to know exactly what kind of Higgs they're looking at. For example, there could be a single Higgs boson or there also might be a group of different types of Higgs particles, depending on various extensions of the Standard Model.

The team of scientists also plans to increase the confidence level of the finding to five standard deviations or there is a one in two million chance once the LHC starts particle collisions again next year.

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