Goal to send humans to Mars gaining unprecedented support

Goal to send humans to Mars gaining unprecedented support

Children born in 2017 will be more likely than any previous generation to witness humans walking on another planet before their 18th birthday, Explore Mars CEO Chris Carberry said in a press release.

The goal to send humans to the Red Planet has been gaining unprecedented support from the U.S. Congress, the business world and academia; despite massive challenges lingering on the path to achieve the goal.

In the newly issued press release, Carberry said, “Today we have unprecedented support for Mars exploration from Congress, industry, and the general public. Children born in 2017 are more likely than any generation before them to witness, before their 18th birthday, humans walk on another planet for the first time.”

The 5th Annual Humans to Mars Summit (H2M), which is focused on the goal to send humans to the Red Planet, is scheduled to start on 9th of May in Washington, D.C. The eagerly-awaited event will attract prominent figures from the government, business world and academia.

NASA and some private space firms like SpaceX and the UAE have made great strides in the field of space technologies over the past few years, but some experts still believe that we currently don’t have the technology to go to the Red Planet.