Genetic Similarity between Modern Humans and Neanderthal Ancestors due to Interbreeding

Genetic Similarity between Modern Humans and Neanderthal Ancestors due to Interb

With the help of original genetic technique, researchers from University of Edinburgh have revealed that interbreeding between modern humans and their Neanderthal ancestors in Europe and Asia could be the only reason for genetic similarity between the two. They revealed that 2% of Neanderthal DNA which exists in today's people has been evolved from the mating outside of Africa.

Two theories have been proposed by researchers in favor of the findings. One is the evolution of modern humans that left Africa from the same African sub-population that had earlier given rise to the Neanderthals and another is mating of modern humans with Neanderthal.

Dr. Konrad Lohse, of the University of Edinburgh, said the findings clearly oppose the existing misconception that genetic similarity originated in Africa. It also overturns the fact that modern Europeans and Asians are linked to Neanderthals and have inherited 1% to 4% of their DNA from Neanderthals because of having same origin i. e. sub-population in Africa.

Many previous studies have sequenced large numbers of modern human genomes, but all failed to find exact reason for the concern.

Researchers have carried out a statistical analysis of the genetic code of single genomes from an African, a Eurasian, a Neanderthal and a chimpanzee. Now, they are planning to make use of their novel technique to find out whether similar phenomenon has occurred in other species or not.

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