Genetic mutation might result in Cerebral palsy, study

Genetic mutation might result in Cerebral palsy, study

According to an international study led by the University of Adelaide, a genetic mutation is to blame for cerebral palsy.

The researchers have said that genetic mutationthe reason for cerebral palsy. They said that it was believed that oxygen deficiencies during pregnancy or birth were to blame for neuro-developmental disorder that disrupts control of movement. Adelaide researcher Professor Alastair MacLennan said that the research was conducted after researchers started doubting the believed that oxygen deficiencies were to blame for neuro-developmental disorder.

Professor MacLennan pointed out that the disorder often results in pain and many of those affected have problems with feeding and language. About half of those affected have an intellectual impairment. Data showed that a child is born with cerebral palsy every 15 hours in Australia. The team mapped DNA from 183 people and found that genetic mutations were the reason for cerebral palsy in more than 10 per cent of cases. Professor Josef Gecz, said, " How we look at cerebral palsy and we don't put it aside as an enigmatic disorder with no explanation. We have made a major inroad into the understanding ... of cerebral palsy which was considered for many years a result of brain injury. Now we're saying that at least a good proportion, 14 per cent or more, is genetic."

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