Gas prices in Massachusetts increase for the second consecutive week

Gas prices in Massachusetts increase for the second consecutive week

According to AAA Southern New England's weekly survey released on Monday, gas prices in Massachusetts have witnessed an increase for the second consecutive week, partly due to Iraq turmoil.

As per the figures released by the survey, the average cost of self-serve, regular gasoline in Massachusetts on Monday, June 30, was $3.70 per gallon; which underscored an increase of 2 cents from last week.

With gas prices having shot up 4 cents last week, the average gas price in Massachusetts on Monday was 6 cents higher than a month back. As compared to the same time last year, the average gas price in the state is 25 cents higher.

Going by the latest AAA Southern New England's weekly survey, the average range in gas prices for regular gas is 32 cents per gallon, from $3.57 to $3.89 per gallon. The average for midgrade is $3.86 per gallon, ranging from $3.67 to $4.09; and that of premium is $3.99 per gallon, ranging from $3.77 to $4.39.

Meanwhile, GasBuddy. com in Massachusetts has revealed that the cost of regular gas in the state has increased 0.3 cents to average $3.71; while the national average remains at $3.68 per gallon.

About the current gas prices, GasBuddy. com analyst Patrick DeHaan said: "It appears the national average has hit a new 2014 high in the last week. The good news is that we're seeing signs that the peak price we hit last week is starting to unwind."

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