Four-storey electronics mall in Shenzhen sells stacks of old iPhones every day

Four-storey electronics mall in Shenzhen sells stacks of old iPhones every day

In a four-storey electronics mall in Chinese city Shenzhen, stacks of old iPhones are sold every day. Despite the fact that Shenzhen is the city where millions of new Apple devices are produced at huge manufacturing plants, it is also one of China's biggest grey markets, catering to countless Chinese customers who desire an iPhone but cannot afford to purchase a new one.

A number of Chinese merchants come to the electronics mall every day to purchase old iPhones, refurbish them and then sell them to Chinese consumers. Almost all iPhone models are available at the mall, at which the handsets arrive from countries like Japan, Korea, and even the US. However, the iPhone dealers at the mall do not disclose where they get the old iPhones from.

The massive mall is virtually teeming with iPhones; some of which are wrapped in plastic, while others are held together by rubber bands. Though most of the iPhones have cracked screens or scratched casings, there are numerous services at the mall to repair such handsets.

Dozens of stalls at the mall specialize in iPhone repair; with there also being many stalls at which re-polished screens and casings are sold. At some of the stalls, even iPhone packaging - including boxes, headphones and power adapters - is sold.

According to the information shared by a Chinese merchant surnamed Yuan, dealers conducting business at the mall mostly keep to themselves. Yang said: "Unless you know the trade, people here won't really care to talk to you."