Former Marine Corporal Eddie Ray Routh’s Videotaped Confession Presented before Jurors

Former Marine Corporal Eddie Ray Routh’s Videotaped Confession Presented before

Jury members present in an Erath County courtroom on Monday saw a videotaped confession made by the Former Marine Corporal Eddie Ray Routh.

Routh has been accused of involvement in the fatal shootings of ‘American Sniper’ author Chris Kyle and his friend.

It has been told that the videotaped confession played Monday in the courtroom sheds more light on Routh’s mental state shortly after the killings.

It has been told that the 27-year-old has confessed to the February 2013 murders. But he did not plead guilty by giving the reason of insanity.

Defense attorney Tim Moore challenged the interrogation, suggesting through questioning that Routh’s answers were the nonsensical ramblings of someone suffering from psychosis and other mental illnesses.

District Attorney Alan Nash said Routh knew that his actions were wrong and should be convicted of capital murder.

Routh’s attorney has said that he will seek an insanity defense, meaning he suffered from severe mental illness at the time and that he did not know what he had done was wrong.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Routh said in his confession that if he had not taken Kyle’s life, Kyle would have taken his.

If convicted, Routh will automatically face life imprisonment without any parole because Nash has indicated he is not seeking the death penalty.

Routh said, “I’d tell them I’m sorry for what I’ve done. If I could have done it differently, I would have done it differently”.

It was found that Kyle’s widow, Taya, was not present for some reason during the videotaped confession, but she was present during the defense attorney Moore’s challenging questions.

Routh is being defended by court-appointed attorneys Moore and J. Warren St. John, both of Fort Worth, and R. Shay Isham of Stephenville.

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