Ford to start testing self-driving cars in Europe in 2017

Ford to start testing self-driving cars in Europe in 2017

In a Tuesday announcement, bigwig Detroit-based automaker Ford Motors has revealed that it will start testing its self-driving cars on European roads in 2017.

In announcing that self-driving car testing will be commenced by Ford in European countries next year, the company said that the testing of the cars will begin at its UK-based Engineering Center in Essex.

In addition, self-driving car tests will also be performed by Ford at its Research and Advanced Engineering facilities in Aachen and Cologne in Germany; with more testing sites having been planned by the company for the future.

Highlighting Ford's bold future vision related to self-driving cars, Thomas Lukaszewicz -- Ford of Europe's Manager of Automated Driving -- said in a recent press release that the testing of self-driving cars in Europe is important because of the differences in the road layouts, road rules, and traffic signs in different European countries.

Lukaszewicz said that it is significant that Ford plans to extend the testing of its self-driving cars to the European region, and added: "Rules of the road vary from country to country here, traffic signs and road layouts are different, and drivers are likely to share congested roads with cyclists."

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