Ford announces recalls for Ford Ikon and Figo over fire risk

Ford announces recalls for Ford Ikon and Figo over fire risk

Ford has announced recall for 15,600 Ford Ikon and Figo cars in South African market due to fire risk. The vehicles sold in South Africa were manufactured at Ford facility in India between year 2004 and 2012. Ford said that the company will offer free replacement for vehicles impacted in the current recall.

The company said that due to a risk of leakage of power steering fluid, there is a chance of fumes being emitted from the engine compartment. This can lead to further damage and fire in extreme cases, the official statement informed.

Ford recalled 4,500 Ford Kuga SUVs in South Africa earlier this year after reports of vehicles catching fire.

In an official announcement, Ford said, "It may also be possible for power steering fluid to come into contact with the vehicle's exhaust system components, creating the potential for smoke and, in extreme cases, fire."


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