Florida power utility companies hire LookingGlass to “kill” Pokemon

Florida power utility companies hire LookingGlass to “kill” Pokemon

In a Thursday report, CNNMoney has revealed that cybersecurity firm LookingGlass has been hired by power utility companies in Florida for "killing" Pokemon.

The reason behind Florida power utility companies' hiring of LookingGlass for pulling Pokemon off the map is that increasing concerns are being raised about the fact that the some of the over-enthusiastic players of Niantic Labs' July-launched Pokemon Go smartphone game are wandering into private land and close to electrical equipment.

According to the details shared by LookingGlass CEO Chris Coleman with CNNMoney, the cybersecurity firm has received requests from eight power utility companies in Florida to make modifications to the Pokemon Go game's code, so that the little creatures can be eliminated from restricted areas.

Coleman also said that the suggestions made by his team of computer coders, with regard to altering the Pokemon Go code, are sent to the game's developer, Niantic Labs.

Asserting that LookingGlass is "now in the business of killing Pokemon," Coleman said that his cybersecurity firm is in an inimitable position to help eliminate Pokemon, because of his acquaintance with Gilman Louie, a member of Niantic Labs' board of directors.

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