Fireball seen over Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania

Fireball seen over Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania

NASA's Meteoroid Environments Office shared an interesting event that took place during the predawn hours of Tuesday across the skies. A fireball having flare brighter than full moon streaked across the sky.

Bill Cooke, the lead person at the Meteoroid Environments Office, said the meteor was seen over Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. The American Meteor Society said that a number of people reported on its website of seeing the meteor.

The meteor was spotted at 4.50 am local time 60 miles above Beaver Falls. Three video cameras part of NASA's All-sky Fireball Network spotted the meteor. NASA Meteor Watch stated that the fireball moved east at a speed of 45,000 mph.

The two-foot-wide rock was considered to be too small to hit earth, which means that it ultimately exploded. NASA stated that it lost track of the meteor at an altitude of 13 miles above the town of Kittanning. There are chances that fragments might be scattered on the ground east of the location.

NASA has launched an animation video in which it called the meteor 20150217_meteoroid. "This celestial visitor had an orbit that took it out to the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter", said NASA.

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