FDA investigating Vulto cheese-linked listeria outbreak

FDA investigating Vulto cheese-linked listeria outbreak

The U. S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that it has launched an investigation into the most recent multistate outbreak of listeriosis that has been linked to soft raw milk cheese produced by Vulto Creamery.

Vulto Creamery recalled its Heinennellie, Willowemoc, Miranda and Ouleout raw milk cheeses on Tuesday, after at least two deaths and half a dozen hospitalizations were linked to the products. Walton Umber, Andes, Blue Blais and Hamden cheeses are also being recalled.

The problematic products had been distributed across the nation, including with California, Oregon, and the District of Columbia.

The producer has temporarily suspended the production of the cheeses as the company is cooperating with the federal investigators to find the source of the problem.

Those who have already purchased any of these recalled products have been advised to either discard the products or return them to the stores for a full refund.

Health experts have warned that listeriosis is a really serious infection that is usually caused by contaminated food. It is particularly dangerous to children, pregnant women and individuals weakened immunity.