FCC's Republican Commissioners vow to revisit Net Neutrality rules “as soon as possible”

FCC's Republican Commissioners vow to revisit Net Neutrality rules “as soon as p

In a letter sent recently to five industry trade groups, Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly – the two Republican Commissioners on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – have hinted that one of the key priorities of the right wing after getting majority control of the FCC is to scrap the Net Neutrality regulations.

The five industry trade groups to which Pai and O’Rielly have sent the letter include the CTIA, Competitive Carriers Association, American Cable Association, NTCA -- The Rural Broadband Association, and WISPA -- Wireless Internet Service Providers.

In the letter, Pai and O’Rielly have promised the trade groups that they would “seek to revisit” Net Neutrality regulations “as soon as possible” --- which theoretically means early 2017, when the agency will have a Republican majority and Chairman Tom Wheeler will step down.

The letter to the trade groups comes against the backdrop of the request which the groups had made to the FCC, seeking permanent exemption of small Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from a Net Neutrality rule which requires providers to disclose to subscribers their broadband policies, including prices, surcharges, speeds, data caps and network management practices.

Pai and O'Rielly said in their letter to the trade groups that there is no need for "small" ISPs to worry about the disclosure requirements. The commissioners further added: "Although the exemption has technically lapsed, we note that the new requirements are not in effect and are not enforceable until January 17."

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