FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler looking into the Netflix-ISP brawl

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler looking into the Netflix-ISP brawl

With Netflix and Verizon passing blame back and forth for the poor streaming quality of videos, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has said in a June 13 statement that he is looking into the scuffle between Netflix and Internet service providers (ISPs).

The Netflix-ISP issue came to the forefront earlier this month when Netflix posted a message to the consumers' screen blaming the `crowded' Verizon network - and the networks of other ISPs - for their poor streaming quality. In a quick response to Netflix's allegedly `misleading' messages, Verizon sent a `cease and desist' order to the streaming video provider.

Weighing in on the recent streaming quality-related brawl between Netflix and Verizon, Wheeler has instructed the FCC staff to find out all the facts in the case, "to understand whether consumers are being harmed."

The FCC staff on the fact-finding mission will request information from ISPs as well as content providers, including copies of recent agreements between Netflix, Verizon and Comcast to ensure the smooth flow of data.

Noting that the Commission staff has been asked to obtain the information required for understanding "precisely what is happening" in the Netflix-ISP case, Wheeler said in his statement: "Consumers must get what they pay for. As the consumers' representative, we need to know what is going on."

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