Fasting boosts memory, study

Fasting boosts memory, study

According to a new study, fasting during the festival season is beneficial for the brain and it boosts memory power in people.

Experts in the field of neurology have always said that exercise is a the best way to keep the mind healthy, but now the study has shown that occasional fasting can also benefit the brain. Occasional fasting is common to most Indians as fasting months exist in most religions followed in the country. The research shows that fasting increases memory and also enhances quick learning skills and boosts the brain's neurons.

The researchers conducted an experiment on animals and studied that intermittent fasting in rats and mice enhanced learning and memory and decrease the risk of degeneration of these brain functions. Intermittent fasting changes neural network connections and boosts the power of the brain. Experts said that the stress from fasting and exerciseincrease the production of a protein called brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that allows the brain to adapt and become more powerful.

Neuro expert Mark Mattson of the National Institute on Aging said, "We have evidence that exercise and probably intermittent fasting increase the number of mitochondria in neurons."

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