Facebook threatens court action against spammers who use fake ‘likes’ on the site

Facebook threatens court action against spammers who use fake ‘likes’ on the sit

In a recent announcement, social network Facebook has said that it will be cracking down on spammers, and will also not hesitate to take legal action against those responsible for malicious activities in the Facebook community.

Asserting that malicious activity of any kind on the social networking site is detrimental to businesses, Facebook said that it will also initiate legal proceedings against spammers who use fake 'likes' on the website, if technical measures cannot effectively combat such activities.

Since spamming is significant only if it leads to financial gains for the spammers, Facebook has been trying to make profitability increasingly difficult for spammers. For preventing spam on the site, the company has been, from time to time, tweaking various systems, both manual and automated.

With Facebook's efforts currently directed at rooting out fake 'likes,' the company has asserted that the main objective of the spammers generally is to make money off the page owner. Noting that spamming eventually compromises the value of the page, the company said that spammers create fake accounts and even hack into real accounts to get more 'likes.'

Emphasizing in a recent statement that it will crackdown on spammers on the site, Facebook said: "Businesses won't achieve results and could end up doing less business on Facebook if the people they're connected to aren't real. It's in our best interest to make sure that interactions are authentic."