Facebook Launches New App Called Place Tips

Facebook Launches New App Called Place Tips

Facebook always tries to surprise its users by providing them with new features and this time its new feature will be somewhat distinct. The new feature could also be potentially challenging for websites like Yelp and other review platforms.

Facebook's new feature called 'Place Tips' will provide its users with some fun-filled, useful and relevant information when a user is in a famous location.

Facebook product manager Mike LeBeau said in a statement that its new feature could pose a challenge to crowd-sourced review service Yelp, as the new feature will be giving people the option of seeking the opinions of friends regarding restaurants, hotels, and other venues.

Explaining the working of Place Tips LeBeau said that the Facebook app will try to guess when a user is in a popular or interesting location and sees relevant tips, photos, and posts from the place in question.

Place Tips will debut in coming weeks with test runs at busy places in New York City, including Central Park, Time Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.

The social networking site is also testing synching Place Tips to beacons, which use Bluetooth signals to sense when smartphones are in range at places such as The Metropolitan Museum or Art, Dominique Ansel Bakery, and the burger joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel.

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