Facebook downranks video clickbait & fake play buttons

Facebook downranks video clickbait & fake play buttons

Facebook, the world’s most-popular social-networking platform, has confirmed that it is downranking video clickbait and fake play buttons. Many websites and publishers engage in clickbait to drive traffic to their websites.

The notorious clickbait and fake play buttons are News Feed links displayed in the preview image and videos that are essentially merely static images uploaded as a video file to trick viewers to give clicks.

News Feed Product Manager Greg Marra said in a statement that the social-networking giant prohibited fake play buttons in adverts under its policy against showing non-existent functionality for a few years.

Marra acknowledged that spammers use these tactics to trick Facebook users into clicking links to low-quality web pages.

Confirming the new action, Marra said, “Spammers are using these tactics to trick people into clicking links to low quality web pages. Facebook tells me its now training its machine vision artificial intelligence to classify and detect fake play buttons in preview images.”

Publishers using the scammy tactics in question are expected to suffer a major decline in the distribution of their stories. However, Facebook underlined that it will not completely delete their posts unless they breach its other policies.


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