Facebook and India’s government to work together on health and education initiatives in the country

Facebook and India’s government to work together on health and education initiat

On Thursday, social network Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg met with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the country's Information Technology and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, in New Delhi.

At the meeting, Facebook and India's government decided to work closely together on health and education initiatives in the country.

Sandberg told reporters after the meeting that California-based Facebook wants to work on projects around girls and education in India. She also said that the social network will expand its reach in the country via Internet. org --- a project initiated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to bring the Internet to the two-thirds of the world's population that currently lack Internet access.

With India being the biggest democracy in the world and Facebook's second-biggest market, Sandberg said that the pace of growth of the social network in the country is "incredibly fast."

Meanwhile, with regard to the meeting with Sandberg, Modi later said on his Facebook page: "Being an avid user of social media myself, I talked about ways through which a platform such as Facebook can be used for governance and better interaction between the people and governments."

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