Evernote’s new privacy policy will allow employees to read users’ notes

Evernote’s new privacy policy will allow employees to read users’ notes

Evernote has revealed in a recent announcement that it is bringing about a change in its privacy policy to give its employees the capability to read the notes of Evernote users, without giving the users the option to opt-out.

The new privacy policy will be put into effect by Evernote on January 24, 2017.

As such, Evernote users who want to avoid the sanctioned snooping by Evernote can move their notes out of the company's system and obliterate their accounts by January 23. Thereafter, Evernote users will not have individual control over the sanctioned snooping, though companies using Evernote Business will be able to have their administrators opt out.

The imminent change in privacy policy underscores an effort by Evernote to enhance its machine learning capabilities by allowing a select number of staffers to view the private information of its users, so that they can help with the training of algorithms.

With regard to the change in the privacy policy, Evernote said in a support bulletin: "While our computer systems do a pretty good job, sometimes a limited amount of human review is simply unavoidable in order to make sure everything is working exactly as it should."

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