Emperor Penguins Form Huddle to Stay Warm

Emperor Penguins Form Huddle to Stay Warm

It has been reported that emperor penguins manage to stay warm during extreme cold winters in Antarctic region. Researchers said they unite themselves in large groups to maintain their body temperature. According to a new report, researchers have studied how penguins move in a 'travel wave' in huddles.

Researchers compared their movement with that of stop-and-go movement of cars in an urban traffic jam. This research has been published in today's the New Journal of Physics. Earlier also, some studies have been revealed that show how Emperor penguins form a huddle along with an involvement of thousands of individuals.

Researchers said they had remained in dark to analyze their movement and reported that they move in every 30 to 60 seconds. Daniel Zitterbart, of the Alfred Wegener Institute and Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, said they have used a mathematical model to study traffic jams.

By analyzing the mathematical model, researchers have been successful in recreating the movement of emperor penguins inside tight huddles. They reported that a penguin has to move only two centimeters in any direction in order to trigger the reaction from its neighbor.

Researchers declared that this creates a domino like effect among the penguins. This effect causes incremental movement flow through the entire huddle, which looks similar to waves.

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