Early Screening for Liver Disease Could Save NHS £600 Million a Year: Charity

Early Screening for Liver Disease Could Save NHS £600 Million a Year: Charity

As per British Liver Trust, NHS could save up to £600m every year by early screening for liver disease. Diseases related to liver are often caused by obesity or alcohol.

The charity advised the government to invest more money into early detection of liver disease, when harm can still be upturned. Liver disease is the fifth-biggest slayer in the UK.

The charity also says that over 15,000 people were medicated by the NHS for advanced liver disease in 2013 and the amount spent in whole procedure was over half a billion pounds.

Because of lack of major signs and symptoms in its early stages, the disease is often identified late.

Alcoholic liver disease was held liable for around 66% of all alcohol-related deaths in 2011. The figure is up from 64% in 2010. One more donor of liver disease is the hepatitis C infection. It is expected that 216,000 people in the UK are infected with the hepatitis C infection.

As per figures recently published by the Scottish Public Health Observatory, Scottish deaths from incurable liver disease are the highest in Europe. The association is led by Information Services Division Scotland and NHS Health Scotland.

According to Michael Matheson, health Minister of Scotland, "Cheap alcohol comes at a cost to our nation's health and we need to reduce the toll alcohol is taking on our society".

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