E-Cigarette Discussion Gathers Steam as Number of Users Increase rapidly

E-Cigarette Discussion Gathers Steam as Number of Users Increase rapidly

As the popularity of electronic cigarette has increased in the past couple of year, the e-cigarette has become a topic of some serious discussion among health experts. Health officials and activists believe that e-cigarette market is expanding fast and for further expansion, it is turning towards kids.

On the other hand, e-cigarette companies refute the same. E-cigarette industry has registered $2.5 billion in sales. Seeing the sales of e-cigarette products, now tobacco companies are also considering launching their own brands in the market.

Some are starting sale of e-cigarettes and others are filing suits thinking that e-cigarettes are nipping into sales of cigarettes. Camel Cigarettes plans distributing its Vuse e-cigarettes starting June 23.

Lorillard, which is among the nation's strongest e-cigarette brand, is planning a national marketing campaign, which will also have television advertisements, along with Reynolds.

Federal authorities are quite concerned about the marketing of e-cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration has also proposed guidelines for the regulation of e-cigarettes. But for now, no action has taken place.

In fact, a Senate hearing has also been scheduled to discuss e-cigarettes. Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, will testify at the hearing. As per Matthew, the FDA did not levy restrictions on e-cigarette companies and that has led these companies to advertise heavily on television and radio.

"They will drive the evolution of the product in a way that serves their interests and not public health, and that's exactly what's happening", said Matthew.

Stephanie Cordisco, President of RJ Reynolds Vapor Company, has a different take on the situation. As per Stephanie, the company is adopting a new path keeping public health in mind. Initially, they will introduce Vuse in 15,000 stores.

Ms. Cordisco said they are aware of the perceptions and think that they will be able to put the industry on the right side of history.

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