Dogs Feel Jealous and Sulk: Researchers Prove What We Already Knew

Dogs Feel Jealous and Sulk: Researchers Prove What We Already Knew

Dogs feel jealous and this has been proved by research team at University of California at San Diego. Dogs need owner’s attention and jealousy is a strong motivating factor among pets. In the research, when the owners were showing affection towards a dog-like stuffed animal, real dogs showed aggression.

Many dog owners have told me the stories of their dog giving them a silent treatment. Many a times people tell that their dog feels jealous. This happens too often in families having more than one pet.

The study has been published in the current week edition of journal PLOS ONE. Study lead author and UC psychology professor Christine Harris added that dogs were twice likely to touch their owner or push when the owner was talking sweetly or showing affection towards a stuff pet. Additionally, the dogs didn’t pay attention when affection was shown towards other inanimate objects.

Professor Harris said, “Our study suggests not only that dogs do engage in what appear to be jealous behaviours but also that they were seeking to break up the connection between the owner and a seeming rival.”

Many people believe that jealously is an emotion mainly shown by human beings. The current study dispels the myth as dogs also show similar emotions and want to protect their relationship and bond with the owner when they perceive a threat from possible rivals.

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