Doctor Exposed to Ebola Virus admitted

Doctor Exposed to Ebola Virus admitted

An American doctor exposed to Ebola virus while volunteering in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, has been admitted at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) near Washington.

The research center has confirmed that the doctor arrived at NIH on Sunday. According to the website of NIH, the physician has been admitted for observation.

Earlier, NIH had told that out of 'an abundance of caution', the center admitted the physician to a special isolation unit in Bethesda, northwest of capital of Washington.

NIH's infectious disease chief Dr. Anthony Fauci has not provided any details about the admitted physician, but said that exposure to Ebola virus does not mean someone will become sick.

Fauci said, "When someone is exposed, you want to put them into the best possible situation so if something happens you can take care of them".

According to NIH, the doctor exposed to the virus has been admitted just out of an abundance of caution. NIH stated that the research center is taking every safety measure to ensure the safety of their patient, whether they are staff of NIH or from the public.

The name of the admitted doctor and any other information has not been disclosed yet by the NIH. His/her condition is still unclear.

Before this incident, four other people volunteering in the West African outbreak had been admitted at hospitals in Georgia and Nebraska after finding that they were infected with the virus. Whereas three of them have recovered, one is still hospitalized.

Earlier this week, a missionary doctor, Richard Sacra, who was volunteering in Liberia, was discharged from the Nebraska Medical Center. Two other Americans have been released after treatment in the United States for Ebola.

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