Crowd-Funding Campaign to help Lunar Landing

Crowd-Funding Campaign to help Lunar Landing

A crowd-funding campaign has been launched through a South African non-profit initiative for raising money to send the first African spacecraft to the Moon. This is being done to motivate the succeeding generations to come out of poverty through education and science.

The University of Cape Town (UCT), the South African Space Association and the Cape Town Science Centre, are supporting the venture. The project is offering a chance to public to be a part of it.

British engineer and city financier David Iron, the planner of the project, said that it's getting difficult for governments to fund space exploration, which is meant only for the progress of human knowledge and understanding. He said that the issue will be tackled by the world class team of advisers and supporters.

Iron said that enthusiasm in people is quite surprising and school children feel fantastic about the idea of being a part of the mission.

The mission prepares landing of a spacecraft on the moon which would be launched in 10 years. A hole of at least 20 meters will be made by the spacecraft to access lunar rock, billions of years old. The hole would be made as deep as 100 meters, if possible.

"We believe that the best solution for Africa is to get educated. Increasing education means increasing opportunity and increasing opportunity means improving economic empowerment and that's how civilisation can pull itself out of a difficult situation", said Jonathan Weltman, CEO of the Foundation for Space Development of South Africa and the Africa2Moon project administrator.

Weltman said that the very first goal is to reach the Moon and accomplish something significant and then two main objectives- inspiration and education, very important for the Foundation, could be achieved.