Construction Work begins on 325m Tower in Amazon Basin to Monitor Climate Change

Construction Work begins on 325m Tower in Amazon Basin to Monitor Climate Change

Construction work has started on a 325m observation tower in the Amazon basin to help scientists keep a watch on climate change. Data on greenhouse gases, aerosol particles and weather patterns in one of the world's largest continuous rain forests will be gathered by researchers using the instruments housed in the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory.

Researchers will be able to investigate the alteration and movement of air masses through the forest over several hundred kilometers, thanks to the height of the tower.

The data will allow Brazilian and German scientists to get deeper insight into sources of greenhouse gases and find answers to several questions surrounding climate change.

Brazilian steel was transported thousands of kilometers from the south to the site to build the tower. "The measurement point is widely without direct human influence, and therefore ideal to investigate the meaning of the forest region for the chemistry and physics of the atmosphere", said Jurgen Kesselmeier, one of the German researchers, on the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz website.

The Amazon jungle is known as one of the most sensitive ecosystems world over and has a great influence on the intake and release of carbon into the atmosphere.

The new tower is close to an already existent, smaller tower that has been put into use to measure greenhouse gases, ozone and weather since 2011. It is believed that the new tower will be combined with the structure of the old one.

The cost of building the tower will incur a total of 8.4 million euros, or over 10 million US dollars. The cost is being equally shared by Germany and Brazil.

The construction work of the tower was kicked off on August 15 and completion work of the structure is expected to get over within a few months.

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