Civilization VI will bring back multiple leaders per civilization; second leader for Greece announced

Civilization VI will bring back multiple leaders per civilization; second leader

In an announcement made on Wednesday, 2K and Firaxis confirmed that multiple leaders per civilization are returning for Civilization VI. The new game in the Civilization franchise is scheduled for launch for PC on October 21.

The announcement by 2K and Firaxis that Civilization VI will have multiple leaders per civilization is noteworthy, especially since the post-Civilization IV games in the Civilization franchise have been missing the feature.

In confirming multiple leaders per civilization for the forthcoming Civilization VI game, 2K and Firaxis announced a second leader for Greece.

According to the announcement, Civilization VI will come with the addition of another leader – called Gorgo – for Greece. Earlier, in September, it was announced that Greece would be led by Pericles.

Gorgo will be different from Pericles in terms of looks, and will also have a different style of play in Civilization VI. She will have a distinct set of likes and dislikes, and her own unique attack/ability will be called Thermopylae, which will unfold a Culture boost for Greece each time an enemy is conquered in combat.

With regard to the announcement of Gorgo as a second leader for Greece in Civilization VI, Firaxis said in a blog post: "Gorgo seeks glory in combat... She prefers civs who haven't yielded in a peace deal and dislikes any civ who has surrendered in a peace deal or any civ who has never engaged in war."

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