Cancer leads to San Diego Catholic bishop’s death

Cancer leads to San Diego Catholic bishop’s death

Roman Catholic Bishop Cirilo Flores, the first Hispanic priest to manage San Diego's about one million Catholics, passed on Saturday after a fight with malignancy, as per church authorities. He was 66.

"Priest Cirilo Flores passed away at 2:47 this evening at Nazareth House in San Diego," the Diocese of San Diego said in an announcement. "Kindly recall Bishop Flores and his family in your prayers to God."

Priest Flores was the first Hispanic diocesan to lead the congregation in San Diego, a city where one-third of all inhabitants are of Latino legacy, as per U. S. Enumeration information.

Almost a large portion of all Catholics in the United States are Latinos, as per the Center for the Study of Latino / Catholicism at the University of San Diego.

Priest Flores served in the post simply short of what a year, as per his authority life story.

His service was stamped by a pledge to youth and the hindered.

"He had this delight of service," Sister Raymonda Duvall, official chief of Catholic Charities, said.

He was a man who had a ton of delight, she added.

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