Canada to strengthen reviews for oil pipelines

Canada to strengthen reviews for oil pipelines

The authorities in Canada have said that they are planning to subject all existing oil sands pipeline proposals to tougher environmental assessments.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, who is in Paris for global climate change negotiations, said that proposals will have to go through a more stringent review process about their environment impact. The government is aiming project a credible position at the Paris climate-change summit. Ms. McKenna arrived in Paris for a ministerial meeting to prepare for the United Nations conference.

Proposals for pipelines that would transport crude oil to Canada's east and west coasts might come under greater scrutiny. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to controversial proposals: Kinder Morgan Inc.'s major expansion of its Trans Mountain pipeline to Vancouver Harbour and TransCanada's Energy East pipeline that would include export terminal in New Brunswick. However, he has opposed the Northern Gateway project in British Columbia.

Ms. McKenna said that the country will participate with a more constructive and ambitious outlook to the global climate change negotiations in Paris. The conference is only three weeks away and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can only offer that he will meet premiers after the meeting and push forward a national climate plan and new emission-reduction targets.

Ms. McKenna said, "People are extraordinarily happy to see that Canada is seated at the table, and that Canada accepts the scientific evidence that climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time and will be doing our part." She also said that the government is aiming to make the issue a diplomatic priority at upcoming meetings, such as the Group of 20 in Turkey next week and the Commonwealth heads of government meeting later this month.


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