Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole

Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole

Buzz Aldrin, the famous former astronaut who piloted the first lunar landing module to reach Moon’s surface in 1969, was on Thursday evacuated from the South Pole after his health condition deteriorated.

Tour services provider White Desert said in a statement that 86-year-old Aldrin was on a visit to the South Pole with some other tourists, but his condition started deteriorating. He was evacuated and flown with a doctor to the McMurdo research station on Ross Island in Antarctica and them to New Zealand.

When admitted to the hospital in New Zealand, doctor assured that Aldrin’s health was in stable condition.

The former astronaut’s manager, Christina Korp, posted a photo of him on Twitter and wrote, “After a grueling 24 hours we’re safe in New Zealand.” In the photo, Aldrin is smiling in a hospital bed.

Aldrin, a West Point graduate, joined American space agency NASA in 1963. He along with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins made up the historic crew of lunar mission Apollo 11 that lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969, bound for Earth’s only natural satellite. Five days later, Collins stayed aboard the command module while Armstrong and Aldrin took the landing module to the surface of moon.

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