British officials applaud cyber specialist for halting ransomware cyber attack

British officials applaud cyber specialist for halting ransomware cyber attack

Cybersecurity officials in United Kingdom have applauded a young cyber specialist for helping halt the global ransomware cyber-attack.

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) announced that the cyber specialist, known as Malware Tech, prevented further spreading of the ransomware by registering a domain name. The action has already prevented more than 100,000 potential infections.

In a tweet on Saturday, the anonymous cyber specialist/researcher acknowledged that he initially did not know that his action would help stop the malware.

The cyber-extortion attack dubbed WannaCry spread very fast around the globe because of a blend of some unusual factors, including a highly vulnerable security hole in Microsoft Windows.

Meanwhile, France-based automaker Renault has confirmed that it stopped production at many of its sites on Saturday to prevent the spread of the global cyber attack that hit its computer systems.

Renault is the first major French manufacturer to report being affected by the global ransomware cyber-attack, which has reportedly infected thousands of computers in as many as 99 countries worldwide.


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