BMW unveils ‘Connected’ --- a new navigation-centered app

BMW unveils ‘Connected’ --- a new navigation-centered app

At the 2016 Microsoft Build developer conference on Thursday, bigwig automaker BMW unveiled a new app called 'Connected,' which has the capability to 'learn' the habits of the car owners over time, and can also predict driving directions.

According to BMW, the new 'Connected' app - which is largely centered on navigation - can be described as a Personal Mobility Companion of car owners.

Announcing the new Connected app, BMW said that the app is now available at the iTunes store for users of iOS devices. The automaker has not, however, disclosed any information about when the app is likely to become available for user of Android devices.

The BMW Connected app has the ability to give car owners an idea about the estimated travel time to their next destination, depending on the existing traffic conditions on the road. It also sends directions to the destination from the car owners' smartphone to their car.

When the car owners reach their destination, the Connected app sends directions back to their smartphone for "last mile" guidance from their parking spot to the destination at which they have arrived.

In addition, the BMW Connected app, which is powered by Microsoft's cloud-based Azure platform, can also connect to the car owners' calendar to pull in specific locations from their schedule, which automatically show up within the app.


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