BMW turns to carbon fibre; unveils limited-edition M3 CRT

BMW turns to carbon fibre; unveils limited-edition M3 CRT

The M Night Event witnessed BMW unveiling its limited-edition M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technology) --- a move that is an indication that the company has taken the manufacturing process for carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic
(CFRP) components to an entirely new plane.

According to the information shared by BMW, the M3 CRT models will likely enter volume production in 2013; and will also apparently boast the electric and BMW ActiveHybrid drive system technology.

The latest entrant in the series of high performance sports cars, the BMW M3 CRT has been optimised with lightweight design. With its bonnet made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) with a honeycomb structure, the car will supposedly be as tough as steel, but notably light – in fact, the overall weight of the car will be only 1,580kg.

The new production process that BMW has created for CFRP components in the automotive industry can reportedly help sports cars attain a 7.7lbs/hp weight-to-power ratio.

Equipped with a V8 engine with a maximum output of 331kW/450hp and the ability to race from 0-100km/h in 4.4seconds, the M3 CRT is capable of a maximum output of 8,300rpm with peak torque at 440Nm.

The other noteworthy features of the M3 CRT - which has a top speed capped by electronic engine management at 180mph – include a sports exhaust system with a lightweight titanium muffler; 19in alloys; sat-nav; a seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic; and parking sensors.


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