Black Hole Began Heating Gas Later than Cosmologists’ Estimates

Black Hole Began Heating Gas Later than Cosmologists’ Estimates

If a new research has to be believed, black holes started heating gas throughout the space much later than was previously expected. The black holes, which are formed from the first stars in our universe, also left a clear signature in radio waves.

Because of the fact that universe about 400 million years back was filled with hydrogen gas, the best way to find formation of first stars is to measure emission of hydrogen using radio waves.

Researchers from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University claimed that estimating cosmic heating will help in directly investigating the formation of earliest black hole.

Prof. Rennan Barkana of Tel Aviv University's School of Physics and Astronomy, said: "One of the exciting frontiers in astronomy is the era of the formation of the first stars".

Since, the black holes are formed by pair of stars, called as 'black hole binaries', the larger of the two stars ends up its life with supernova explosion. The black hole then pulls gas from the companion star, creating high-energy X-ray radiation. Researchers believe that this cosmic radiation reheats the cosmic gas, cooled down because of the original cosmic expansion.

The research published in the prestigious journal Nature throws light on facts associated with origin of the universe.


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