Bizarre image bug distorts screenshots sent from iPhone 7 Plus to Pixel handsets

Bizarre image bug distorts screenshots sent from iPhone 7 Plus to Pixel handsets

According to recent reports, some of the owners of Google new flagship Pixel handsets – Pixel and Pixel XL – have drawn attention to a bizarre image bug which apparently distorts the screenshots sent to the Pixels from Apple’s newest big-screen handset, iPhone 7 Plus.

Going by the discussions on the Google's product forum, the screenshots which the owners of the Pixel handsets get from the owners of the iPhone 7 Plus handset appear to have some kind of an unexplained glitch.

The image bug being reported by the Pixel and Pixel XL owners is astonishingly specific, as it seemingly affects only those screenshots which have been captured with the iPhone 7 Plus handset and sent over to a Pixel handset either from a standard SMS/MMS app or using Hangouts.

In other words, the bug distorts the dimension and color of screenshots which have been taken from within an iPhone app – first party as well as third-party apps – and not those taken on the homescreen of iPhone 7 Plus.

Incidentally, the distortion of images does not occur in reverse --- that is, when images are sent from a Pixel or Pixel XL handset to the iPhone.

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