Big Solar Storm to Hit Earth on Friday

Big Solar Storm to Hit Earth on Friday

A massive solar storm is making its way towards our planet earth and is expected to hit our planet in next few hours. The solar flare, hurled by the sun on Wednesday, is likely to cause auroras to appear over certain areas, said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Earlier this week, a couple of eruptions occurred on the sun, sending geomagnetic storms towards the earth, with the first expected to hit earth on Thursday night and the second at midday Friday.

Although power grid operators and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been issued an alert by the NOAA, the storms are highly unlikely to cause big problems, said Dr. Thomas Berger, the director of the Space Weather Prediction Center at NOAA.

He said that they are closely monitoring the storms, but not expecting any gigantic impact on national infrastructure due to the solar event. The sun first emitted a minor solar flare on Monday at 1:45 pm followed by a major flare on Wednesday. These solar storms are actually magnetic clouds catapulted at high velocity from the sun.

Berger said that some radio communication problems and GPS signal degradation could be caused by these expected levels of geomagnetic storming.

"These storm levels also may lead to some voltage irregularities in the electrical power grids in the northern latitudes of the US. These effects are expected to be manageable and not cause any major disruptions to power transmission", added Berger.

Auroras would be visible to the northern-most states on Friday night, said William Murtagh, program coordinator for the prediction center. Murtagh said that some uncertainly in the forecast is the result of the fact that there is one event right after the other and the speed of the second one is much faster than the first.

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