Bentley launches new Apple Watch app for Bentayga SUV owners

Bentley launches new Apple Watch app for Bentayga SUV owners

In a Thursday announcement, British luxury car brand Bentley said that it has released a new app for the Apple Watch smartwatch, to enable the owners of the Bentayga SUV to control in-car systems conveniently from their wrists.

Announcing the new app for Apple Watch, Bentley said that the app makes use of "bespoke digital architecture," so that the watchOS application can sync up with the Touch Screen Remote (TSR) system of the Bentayga SUV -- which starts at $229,100 -- via the vehicle's Bluetooth connectivity.

With the help of Bentley's Apple Watch app, owners of Bentayga SUV can remotely control the on-board climate and entertainment systems of their vehicles with just a click. In addition, the app also allows Bentayga SUV owners to remotely make adjustments to the heating and ventilation of their seats; as well as monitor real-time information like the speed of the vehicle, the distance traveled, and outside temperature.

Moreover, one of the coolest features of Bentley's Apple Watch app is that it can also enable Bentayga owners to turn on their car's seat massagers directly from the smartwatch.

Revealing that Bentley's Apple Watch app is a free download for the owners of the "technologically advanced" Bentayga SUV, Dan Whittaker -- Bentley Director of Electrical and Electronics -- said: "This new Apple Watch connectivity is another example of how we are constantly innovating in order to enhance the customer experience."

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