Bear Spotted in Parking Lot of Eastern Missouri Wal-Mart

Bear Spotted in Parking Lot of Eastern Missouri Wal-Mart

A state conservation agent is making efforts to relocate a young black bear that is believed to have been seen over the weekend in Hillsboro, about seven miles to the north. The bear was recently spotted in the parking lot of an eastern Missouri Wal-Mart. Multiple calls were made to police in De Soto on Tuesday morning to report the spotting of the bear.

According to the police, the location of the Wal-Mart is about two miles from downtown De Soto. The bear has not caused any harm to anyone so far and it is believed by many that the bear is not aggressive.

"Today we had several confirmed sightings-one of our local animal control officers saw it, and a conservation agent saw it. The last place we knew it was in a wooded area at Old Boyd and Highway 21 here in De Soto", said Contarini.

If a spokesman for Missouri's Conservation Department is to be believed, the bear is about 200 pounds and nearly two years old. The bear has been spotted in several areas near Highway 21.

Residents in the De Soto area are scared after the bear went on the loose for a few days. After the bear was spotted in a Wal-Mart parking lot on Tuesday morning, officers made efforts for 45 minutes to search the wooded area down the street from Wal-Mart in De Soto at around 5 pm across from Highway 21.

Officers were making efforts to encourage the bear to safely cross Highway 21, but the bear was relentless to go towards the Mark Twain National Forest in Washington County.

People have been advised to not shoot the bear as it is protected in the state of Missouri. Also, they should not throw anything towards the animal as it may agitate him.


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