Avian flu outbreaks hit several European and Asian territories

Avian flu outbreaks hit several European and Asian territories

An increasing number of European and Asian territories are being hit by the highly pathogenic virus H5N8, which is commonly known as avian flu, the World Organisation for Animal Health confirmed.

Most recently, the outbreak of the highly pathogenic virus forced officials in the Netherlands to destroy 190,000 ducks. Officials didn’t say what strain of the virus hit the poultry farms, but they confirmed that thousands of ducks were destroyed at six farms near the village Biddinghuizen, east of Amsterdam.

Dutch food & safety watchdog NVWA added, “There are three other poultry farms within a three kilometre radius and they are being monitored.”

The destruction of the ducks marked the Netherland’s first cull prompted by the H5N8 virus that affected almost all of the northern Europe. Other nations affected by the epidemic include Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden.

In the southeast, the same pathogenic H5N8 virus was detected among village birds in Karnataka, a southwestern state of India. Authorities said in a statement that the strain was detected among birds in the village of Itagi, and all 1,593 at-risk birds either died or were culled. However, no details were provided on the type of birds.

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