Astronomers detect strange signals from nearby star

Astronomers detect strange signals from nearby star

A team of astronomers in Puerto Rico has detected some really strange signals coming from a red dwarf star just eleven light-years away.

Abel Mendez, the director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at Arecibo-based University of Puerto Rico, said that the strange signals were detected on 12th of May using the 1,000-foot-wide Arecibo radio telescope.

In a newly released statement, the team said, “The red dwarf star is not known to have planets, but we realized that there were some very peculiar signals in the 10-minute dynamic spectrum that we obtained from Ross 128.”

As per the astronomers, there are three possibilities to explain the strange signals or bursts: they could be emissions like solar flares; they could be emissions from some other object in the field of view of the red dwarf planet; and they might be emissions from a high orbit satellite.

The detection of the strange signals triggered speculations about the potential for a discovery of aliens on the star dubbed Ross 128, though the astronomers attempted to put such rumors to rest.


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