Assailant attacks Air Marshal with Syringe at African Airport

Assailant attacks Air Marshal with Syringe at African Airport

An assailant attacked a federal air marshal with a syringe at the airport terminal in Lagos, Nigeria, on Sunday and then escaped. Authorities immediately got into action and placed the victim, who was travelling with a group of undercover air marshals, in quarantine back in the US. FBI agents and health workers from the Centers for Disease Control met the unnamed air marshal and quarantined him on Monday after returning to the US on a flight to Houston.

Tests were conducted on him for the deadly virus Ebola, which has plagued West Africa. Medication has been given to the air marshal to avoid any health risk because of the injection attack. The syringe was recovered by fellow air marshals after the attack and sent back to the US for testing.

"The victim did not exhibit any signs of illness during the flight and was transported to a hospital upon landing for further testing. None of the testing conducted has indicated a danger to other passengers", said an FBI spokesperson.

Media sources have reported that an unknown substance was injected in the arm of the air marshal at an airport in Lagos, Nigeria. He managed to remove the needle, but fears emerged that he might have contracted the Ebola virus. The victim was standing with a group of other air marshals when he was attacked with a syringe to inject an unknown substance into the back of his arms.

It is highly unlikely that the assailant would have attacked the victim after identifying him as a US federal law enforcement agent from his appearance because US federal air marshals travel incognito.

Jon Adler, the national president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, said that it has not been confirmed whether or not the attack was a targeted one, but it sends a clarion message that international cowards will make attempts to attack the honorable men and women with lethal shots.