ASA rules against Vodacom data transfer advertisement

ASA rules against Vodacom data transfer advertisement

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled against the new Vodacom advertisement which indicates that Vodacom subscribers can gift data packages to their friends and relatives. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reviewed the complaint of a consumer in case of the latest advertising campaign released by the telecom major.

The consumer complaint had urged that Vodacom cannot term this as a gift as consumers are not allowed to gift their unused bandwidth to other users. One has to purchase additional data and gift it.

Vodacom replied to ASA allegations by saying that the company offers options for users to purchase data bundles and gift it to other users. Vodacom mentioned that the company has not used the term “share” but “gift” which clearly indicates that subscribers are not allowed to share data with other users.

ASA added that Vodacom used the word transfer and the authority found it misleading. Vodacom has been asked to change the headline “Data Bundle Transfer” on Friday.