Apple Seeking Ban on Sales of Samsung Products in US

Apple Seeking Ban on Sales of Samsung Products in US

According to a new report, Apple is again asking authorities to ban sales of Samsung products in United States. Lucy Koh, US District Judge, has been asked by the Apple to ban sales of more than 20 Smartphones and tablets like Galaxy S 4G and Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US market.

The iPhone-maker believes that the Samsung products are breaking Apple’s rights. This request of the Apple regarding the ban of the product was rejected by the US District Judge during 2012 verdict. But on November 18, the court was appealed by the US federal authorities, which has cleared the way for the Apple to continue with its injunction targets on its rivals.

“Samsung’s claim that it has discontinued selling the particular models found to infringe or design around Apple’s patents in no way diminishes Apple’s need for injunctive relief”, argued Apple representatives.

It has been reported that Samsung continues to launch new products in the market which infringe upon Apple’s rights. So, Cupertino-based Apple is asking for another injunction on Samsung. This will give relief to Apple in order to fight against the future infringement by the Samsung products.

It has been reported that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent as legal fees by the world’s top two Smartphone makers. The companies had invested money in order to copy each other’s features in a global fight to dominate the market.

Samsung has given tough competition to Apple, which makes iPhone. Samsung Galaxy series phones have been widely accepted by consumers and they offer similar features for little less cost. Apple argues that Samsung has infringed upon many intellectual rights of Apple to add some features to their latest smartphone series.

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