Ancient Rhino’s Traces were initially found in India

Ancient Rhino’s Traces were initially found in India

A mammal weighing 45 to 75 pounds has radiated into the modern rhinoceros, hippopotamus and horse. As per study researchers, Cambaytherium thewissi can be considered as a missing link.

It has the features that were not present among the perissodactyls. The ancestral rhino-horse was put together from some 200 bone samples. It is said that initially, the traces were found in India after the mass broke off from Madagascar around 80 to 90 million years ago and moved towards Asia.

Study's lead author, Kenneth Rose, a paleontologist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, think that they have a remnant of the ancestral group that would have given rise to horses, tapirs and rhinos.

There is a possibility that perissodactyls has actually diversified and evolved. If such is the case then ancestor of the both has come from an Afro-Arabian land mass. The study researchers affirmed the connection is quite a contentious hypothesis among geologists. They are quite unsure about the trajectory of the Indian land mass and the time when it collided with modern Asia.

The first fossil specimens of the species were unearthed from a huge open-pit coalmine in Gujarat, India. But now, that mine is closed and is being filled. Therefore, paleontologists are searching other mines to find more fossils, so they can know about the origin of the creature.

The study researchers affirmed that the finding would help shed light on explosion of mammalian life about 55 million years ago. It was the time when earth was warming. The Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum was the time when there was presence of four-legged grazing animals along with primates having five-digit hands and feet.

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