Amazon expected to unveil a smartphone at its June 18 launch event

Amazon expected to unveil a smartphone at its June 18 launch event

Online retailer Amazon is reportedly set to plunge deeper into the competitive mobile-device arena, with the launch of an Amazon-branded smartphone - which, as per rumors, will be equipped with some kind of 3D motion sensor - later this month.

Hinting at the imminent unveiling of a smartphone, Amazon said in a Twitter post last week that it is holding a 'product launch' event in Seattle on June 18. The company said that the event will be hosted by CEO Jeff Bezos.

In its Twitter post, Amazon had also included a photo of a thin, back device which had Amazon's name - in silver - emblazoned on it.

Other than the Twitter post indicating a possible unveiling of an Amazon-branded smartphone at the company's forthcoming launch event, Amazon has also released a video which shows people marveling a device which appears to have a unique operation. With one person in the video calling the device 'intuitive,' and guessing from the posture of the people shown in the video, the device is apparently a smartphone.

With the prospective launch of a smartphone by Amazon marking an additional hardware device for the company to boost its diversification into digital books, songs and movies, tech-industry analyst Jan Dawson said: "Amazon's play here isn't to make a ton of money off smartphone sales; it's to get people to spend more money with Amazon as a whole."


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