Alibaba Invests $10 Million in OUVA

Alibaba Invests $10 Million in OUVA

OUYA, the game-console maker, has received funds from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. It is said that the e-commerce giant has given $10 million to OUVA in the form of investment in trade. With this, OUVA's platform will be introduced in Alibaba's set-top box.

As per experts, it is considered to be quite a big investment as OUVA is not performing well since it left a big mark on Kickstarter in 2012. Also, its performance in the United States is not great. Lately, the game-console maker has grabbed news headlines for a software platform known as OUVA Everywhere.

In 2014, Xiaomi added OUYA to its set-top boxes and now, with this investment Alibaba is also planning to do the same. When asked from CEO Julie Uhrman, she did not confirm or refused the report.

"We have been working with partners to bring our platform and games library to their devices [OUYA Everywhere]. We're live with Madcatz in the U. S. and working with Xiaomi in China", affirmed Uhrman.

She continued by affirming that they are also focusing outside America as well as they are expecting a lot of growth and opportunity. Sometimes, it happens that new markets prove extremely beneficial for the established ones and it might the case for them.

Uhrman affirmed that they are the largest independent library of Android games for the TV. It acts as a great opportunity to partner with the companies that look forward to introduce creative content to the TV on boxes that can play games. It is considered that the (rumored) deal with Alibaba is one of such cases. The deal could boost OUYA's presence in Asia, as it expands its platform business into markets such as China and India.

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