Algae Attacks Lake Tschida

Algae Attacks Lake Tschida

People who enjoy recreational activities at Lake Tschida, particularly during the last few weeks of summer, and the lake management are feeling dejected and astonished with the news of the lake being under the attack of blue-green algae. The review has resulted in the cancellation of nearly 50% of the reservations, revealed Michelle Psyck, the Recreation Manager of Lake Tschida.

Michelle added that the cancellations have occurred despite the seemingly emergence of only some extremely isolated blooms in places that are not usually visited by campers. The advisory was released on Friday, which has increased the number of lakes affected by algae to seven. Algae blooms can lead to the development of cyanobacteria, which is threatening for humans and animals, and can possibly be fatal.

The purpose of the advisory is not putting restriction on the use of lake, but to warn people of being extremely cautious about the presence of algae when they are in water or on shoreline. The advisory is being supported by Psyck, who is of the view that people are extremely sensitive to the expectations of threats.

Psyck disclosed that almost $1,200 of reservation fees had to be refunded on Friday and it is tough for small business operations to handle such loss in income. He explained that it is difficult for the local economic development group, which is responsible for the management of lake, to absorb such losses due to numerous employees and other fixed expenditures.

Normally, during the summer season, green, grass-like algae emerge in Lake Tschida, but this time it has been under the influence of the blue-green kind that can be differentiated due to the sheen residual, which is similar in appearance to oil-based paint being dumped into the lake. Psyck suggested that foam, scum or algae mats on the water are among other signs.

A report published in CBS LOCAL revealed, "According to the state Department of Water Resources, sunlight, warm temperatures, nutrients in the water and calm conditions can contribute to algal blooms."

Exposure to the toxins produced by these algal blooms can cause skin rashes, eye, nose, mouth or throat irritation, headache and gastrointestinal upset. Dogs can also suffer similar symptoms and even death if they ingest the water or lick their fur after contacting the affected water.

Just last week, Pyramid Lake in the Los Padres National Forest – 120 miles away – reopened after being closed to all water activities for more than 10 days due to a similar toxic algae bloom. Two more lakes in Northern California have also been affected by similar algae blooms.

According to a report in INFORUM by Lauren Donovan, "The report of blue-green algae on Lake Tschida is an "aw shucks" deal for people who love the lake's recreation fun, especially these past few weeks of summer, and for those who manage it."

Nearly $1,200 in reservation fees were returned Friday, according to Psyck, who said the loss of income is difficult for area small businesses and for the local economic development group that manages the lake with several employees and other fixed costs.

Lake users are advised to avoid suspected bloom areas, rinse themselves and pets thoroughly and immediately in fresh water after possible contact and prevent pets and livestock from drinking affected water.

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