Abortion -- a hot topic of debate around the world

Abortion -- a hot topic of debate around the world

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon last month announced that she would explore ways to offer women in Northern Ireland a free and legal means to terminate their pregnancy.

Currently, Northern Ireland allows abortion only in case a pregnant woman’s life is at risk. The NHS refuses to pay for the procedure for those women who travel to Britain to undergo abortion.

Meanwhile, a study has suggested that women who seek abortion and are allowed to obtain one may have better mental health outcomes than those who are denied the procedure.

The results of the new study cast doubt on previous studies claiming that women who undergo abortion often experience mental health problems. This idea makes the basis for laws in many states that require women to undergo counseling after abortion.

The procedure of abortion has long been a topic of hot debate around the globe. Only 58 of 196 countries offer the procedure on request, while 134 countries only allow it to preserve a woman’s physical health.

At least six countries, viz. Malta, El Salvador, the Vatican, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Chile, don’t allow abortions under any circumstances, even if it can save a woman’s life. It means that under any circumstances, including rape or a severe abnormality in fetus, women in these countries have to bring a pregnancy to term.

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